Whoosh is a novel interaction mechanism where a user can use different blow patterns to interact with their wearable devices and get work done. We use non-voice acoustic input for low cost, hands-free and rapid input on smart watches

This project was started at the UbiComp Lab at Georgia Tech by one of the Ph.D. students Gabriel Reyes. We conceptualized and prototyped several blow interactions to interact with a smartwatch such as short blow, long blow, double blow, counterclockwise and clockwise blow, directional blow.

First things first



Whoosh was one of our most successful projects. It was recognized as follows

  • This research project was accepted as a long paper at ISWC '16 and has been published in the ISWC '16 Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers by ACM. 
  • It was also showcased in an article on Yahoo Tech and also in the Georgia Tech Newsletter.

My contribution

I was closely working with the Ph.D. members and other masters students on the team to design and prototype different interactions and their use cases. 

Since this project invented an entirely new form of interactions we began by exploring different kinds of work we were able to do with wearable devices and then brainstormed and designed appropriate interactions for these use cases. I and one more teammate (Sarthak Ghosh) then led the prototyping efforts to build the proof of concepts for the interactions and building an SDK that can be later used for any application.


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