EarSketch Logo


While working at EarSketch one of the challenges I took up was to design a logo for EarSketch which conveys the idea of musical composition through code.

I went through several iterations of designs from paper sketches to vector graphics. After each iteration I showcased them to the team and asked for feedback. In this article I'll show the different iterations and the feedback that I received before settling on the final logo

Pen/Pencil Sketches



  • The logo should be clean and minimal
  • The logo should be modern
  • It should not include graphics that denote musical notes because that is traditional form of music representation and we are not dealing with notes in EarSketch

Vector Designs



  • The different versions of the word "EarSketch" or "es" were too abstract and did not exactly denote what we wanted them to
  • The team liked the options of sound being represented as waveforms
  • The team liked the representations of code through curly braces

Final Version

Collectively we decided to go with the last version with curly braces and bar like waveforms. The two versions of the final logo are as shown below


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